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Investor Elevator Pitch

ArchFormation cover com

ArchFormation | Investor Elevator Pitch

ArchFormation offers a visual editor for creation of production ready Cloud Infrastructure that can be configured using over a hundred public cloud components, various programming languages and DevOps processes.

Investor Pitch Pocket IP Cover

Pocket IP | Investor Elevator Pitch

With the Pocket IP solution, it is convenient to manage your intellectual property portfolio in different countries through a ‘single window’ without requiring direct communication with lawyers.

Lawyerd! Pitch cover

Lawyerd! | Elevator Pitch

Lawyerd! is a solution for responding to intellectual property rights violations on the Internet. The product allows to automate the process of filing complaints against infringers and, as a result, to speed up and simplify the blocking of illegal resources.

a-Gnostics cover article

a-Gnostics | Elevator Pitch

a-Gnostics implements an Industrial AI service focused on anomaly detection and equipment failure prediction. The service is tailored to multivariable processes, and time-series data retrieved from industrial equipment to automatically.