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About the project

About the founders

Ucluster was founded by Serhii Sokolenko and Stanislav Sokolenko (1936-2014). Serhii is an angel investor and is currently leading product management in the Berlin office of Snowflake. In the past, he worked in product management at Google, Amazon and Microsoft in the United States and also founded Cuesense, a startup for text analytics. Stanislav Sokolenko was a well-known Ukrainian economist and entrepreneur. Working at the UN in the 1980s as head of technical assistance programs for India, China and Korea, Stanislav analyzed new production systems based on networks (clusters). Returning to Ukraine, he popularized cluster education and became a co-founder of construction, textile and tourism clusters in the Khmelnytsky region.

About our work

Ucluster connects startups, mentors and investors in CEE and Ukraine, allowing them to fund and grow their tech businesses. To startup founders in CEE and Ukraine we offer advice on running and funding their tech businesses. To investors in the United States and elsewhere, we provide insights into the growth of promising startups in CEE. Ucluster plans to open a new startup accelerator in Kyiv after the Russo-Ukrainian war, focusing on angel investments in promising CEE and Ukrainian startups. A conference and startup competition will be held annually to select technology startups for the accelerator.

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The team

Managing Director

Stanislav Sokolenko