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Lawyerd! | Elevator Pitch

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Lawyerd! is on a mission to make the world a little bit better through automated copyright protection. As passionate lawyers and savvy tech entrepreneurs, they believe that creative minds deserve to retain what is theirs – undisrupted and uncorrupted by the digital copycat thieves.

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Lawyerd! is a solution for responding to intellectual property rights violations on the Internet. The product allows to automate the process of filing complaints against infringers and, as a result, to speed up and simplify the blocking of illegal resources. 

The Lawyerd! system searches for keywords and, after detecting violations, automatically generates a complaint, finds an authorized agent, generates documents confirming the violation and sends them to the appropriate authorities, according to the jurisdiction.

Speaker: Ihor Makushinsky.



  • Go into Italian, German and French  markets
  • Create blockchain based storage  system
  • Developing v2.0 of the product
  • Add new type of client (B2C)


  • Entering the US market

Startup Pitch Deck Presentation


Ihor Makushinsky