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Vacuum Gravity Energy | Elevator Pitch

Vacuum Gravity Energy

Ukrainian DeepTech startup Vacuum Gravity Energy has created a mobile power plant that converts gravity into electricity. Vacuum gravity systems help people use a constant renewable energy source (atmospheric pressure) that does not pollute the environment and is cheaper than similar solutions.



Vacuum Gravity Energy is a technology of vacuum-atmospheric power amplification (VAPP) for decarbonised electricity generation, patented in Ukraine (Patent No. 89894), USA (Patent No. US 10,125,609 B2), and PRC (No. CN1083507743B).

Uniqueness: constant stable generation of electricity 24/7, does not require storage, mobility and compactness – can be moved on a standard car trailer 2m*3m, independence from weather conditions and the ability to work underground (relevant for e.g. bomb shelters).

The physical basis of the technology is solar energy, which maintains an atmospheric pressure of 101250 Pa (10 T/M2) due to gravity and an artificial vacuum in the working chamber. The force of mechanical movement arises at the interface between the vacuum and the surrounding atmosphere due to their pressure difference. Mechanical motion is converted into electrical energy through a generator.

The system generates enough electricity for its operation and produces a surplus of 1 to 40 kW.

The next milestone

Vacuum Gravity Energy is working on a full-scale demo version with a capacity of 10 kW at the  TRL levels 5-6.

After the Ukraine-Russia war, a large amount of destroyed infrastructure will remain in Ukraine, including power supply. Vacuum Gravity Energy technology is 100% environmentally friendly and could help Ukraine to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure at an affordable price.

Startup Pitch Deck presentation

Speaker: CMO Vera Filatova.


Anton Filatov