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HighPass | Investor Elevator Pitch

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HighPass is a global distribution system that allows you  to reserve and pay for relevant airport services conveniently and affordably. With its help, passengers get quality services fast while airports, agencies and ticket aggregators increase their sales.


HighPass offers online booking of VIP services, business lounges and accelerated passage of all formalities at the airport of departure (Fast Track).

For airports, the system increases sales, does not require investment, and can easily integrate with the website. Services are available on partner sites, which multiply the number of orders, and the airport receives additional income from the sale of services of other airports.

In turn, passengers will receive services on the websites of airports, agencies and ticket aggregators and convenient online payment for assistance 24/7.

Speaker:  CEO Volodymyr Pakhomov.

Global coverage


  • 72 countries
  • 300+ airports in HighPass system

Main partners

  • VISA
  • WizzAir EasyJet
  • And 100+ TMCs

Industry footprint

  • ACI partner. HighPass is responsible for global standardization of airport ancillary services

Pitch Deck Presentation


Volodymyr Pakhomov, CEO Highpass