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QOTEQ | Investor Elevator Pitch

Qoteq cover

Universal business operating system QOTEQ is the new generation of business management software that integrates all existing business applications, allowing customers to maintain and forecast their business easier, using one software system. QOTEQ allows employees to “code” with business terms without programming skills.



QOTEQ simplify and streamline business software:

  • Provides a single unified source of data & analytics.
  • Integrates all existing business apps into a single convenient ecosystem.
  • Allows non-programmers to code using business terms (via DSL).
Speaker: QOTEQ CEO Yaroslav Kolohryvov.

How it works

QOTEQ provides simpler, smoother and less expensive process of system setup, driven by business analysts or managers:

  • A Business Analyst describes the business using Business Meta Language.
  • Automatically generates configurations for all connected data systems and UIs for each user role.
  • The Business Analyst can test and deploy the business description in QOTEQ.
  • Runtime executes all Business Processes and coordinates all connected systems.


Need Pre-Seed to run the pilot.

Investments – €200-400K.

Done on 100%

  • Basic States System + BPM.

Simple DSL, usable by business analysts.

Done on 75%

  • Functional Prototype.

Based on current Solutions.

Software & Product Development.

  • Horizontal Domain Specific Solution.

Project management system (+EPM integration).

Project portfolio management (+integration with consolidation and budgeting systems).

Software Development of the Universal Solution.


Investments – €500K.

  • Cloud Platform.

Account system.

Data & document transfer.

Automated reporting system.

Establishing tech as a business standard network.


Investments – €500K.

  • System Platform.

IOT Solutions.

SCADA Solutions.

App marketplace & partner network.

Pitch Deck Presentation


CEO Yaroslav Kologryvov

+38 050 990 00 44