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a-Gnostics | Elevator Pitch

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a-Gnostics implements an Industrial AI service focused on anomaly detection and equipment failure prediction. The service is tailored to multivariable processes, and time-series data retrieved from industrial equipment to automatically and correctly indicate normal, failure, and pre-failure status.

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The main product of a-Gnostics is Di-agnostics – Industrial AI sound analytics SaaS for predicting failures in heat engines and electric motors to help enterprises simplify their work and reduce maintenance costs. Di-agnostics is Shazam for industrial equipment It is a service for industrial equipment failure prediction and anomaly detection. It uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to predict failure before it happens. The current focus is on sound analytics of heat engines and electrical motors.

Speaker: CEO Andrii Starzhynskyi.


  • Prediction on the phone, offline.
  • Models improvements.
  • iOS version.
  • Remaining Useful Life (RUL).
  • Security certification.

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Andrii Starzhynskyi