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Top Ukrainian IT Clusters: Dnipro IT Cluster

Dnipro is the fourth most populous city in Ukraine, as well as a center of high-tech, heavy industries, and higher education. The growth of the information technology segment has allowed Dnipro to be among the five key cities that shape Ukraine’s IT industry.

Today, the IT community of Dnipro has 378 IT companies and 16 thousand specialists. The average monthly salary is 1650 dollars, which is 18% lower than in the Kharkiv region (2025 dollars). If the current growth trends prevail, by 2025 the number of IT specialists in the region will double, driven primarily by the high output of higher education institutions, currently educating 13,900 students in IT specializations. Dnipro graduates and scientists are valued all over the world, especially in such fields as the space industry, energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, and others. The following IT schools in Dnipro are also noteworthy: Noosphere Engineering School, IT Step, Hillel, Skills Up, Academy IMT, and others.

The Dnipro region is one of the leading labor markets in Ukraine, home to 1.5 million economically active people. Focusing on IT specialists, 73% of them are sole proprietors, and the rest are full-time employees. About 13,200 IT specialists are involved in outsourced software development, creating almost 8% of Ukraine’s gross IT product. The city has branch offices of several large IT outsourcers including SoftServe, Luxoft, ISD, Yalantis, Ciklum, AMC Bridge and Apriorit. Dnipro also has the second largest number of IT R&D centers in Ukraine, including centers by Siemens, Sitecore, Oracle and Transferwise.

In 2019, the IT Dnipro Community together with the Market Research firm Fama presented their study of the Dnipro IT market, identifying the main metrics and economic contribution as well as strengths and weaknesses of the Dnipro IT industry. According to the study, almost 97% of the local IT industry are  small and medium-sized companies with up to 200 employees. The main areas where Dnipro IT companies operate are outsourcing services (63% of companies), product companies (20%), startups (9%), and service and product centers of global companies (8% of companies). Although the number of product and startup companies is only about 30% of the total, Dnipro is home to such product companies as SiteCore, WIX, Playtika, Healthjoy, Startups 7Civenty, Techery, CandyGrill, and Murka. Among some of the more interesting startups, Firefly Aerospace, although technically not an IT startup, has half of its employees based in Dnipro. Firefly is developing a family of launch vehicles for the space industry. According to the study, the turnover of the Dnipro IT industry in 2018 was about $ 450 million, and was expected to increase to $ 1.1 billion by 2025. It is worth noting that each of the 16 thousand IT professionals working in the IT sector on average created 3 additional indirect jobs.

Hundreds of interested professionals – technical directors, engineers, IT specialists, business leaders participate in numerous conferences and forums held in the city. The largest of them are ITEM, RunIT, TechFest, IT Weekend, Logeeknight, IT Dnipro Conference, BestRoboFest. New coworking spaces, popular in the IT community, are popping up in the city; we will make a note of two of them: Coworking 365, and SoftWork.

Modern Dnipro is quickly transforming from a center of heavy industry into an innovative IT city. In addition to local businesses, this is facilitated by the joint work of the city authorities and the Dnipro Development Agency. The Innovative Business Park project has recently been launched and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022. Its total area will be 61.4 hectares. Of these, 5.6 thousand square meters are allocated for the IT sector. The plans for the industrial park include offices, recreation areas, parking facilities and residential buildings. One notable purpose of the park is the manufacturing of drones and robotics.

The largest city in the Lower Dnipro region, one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine – Dnipro has always been one of the most attractive places for investment in Ukraine. The IT sector has benefited significantly from its high-tech heritage, and at this time the reorientation of major industries to global markets and attracting international investment is a priority.