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Dana Volkova


New opportunities for Ukrainian Deep Tech startups

The European Innovation Council (EIC) announced its intention to issue € 20 million in grants to at least 200 Ukrainian deep tech startups. The EIC is looking for a consortium of Ukrainian and European organizations to manage the grant funds. cover How to deal with your data?

Quality data provides the basis for a business’s success, creating a need for data collection automation for many industries. Ukrainian startup came up with an innovative way of solving this pressing issue. So how effective is this innovation? 

Raccoon: pivoting from gaming to physiotherapy

Raccoon: pivoting from gaming to physiotherapy

According to the Ukrainian Center for Medical Statistics, an average of 97.5 thousand Ukrainians suffer from musculoskeletal injuries annually. Startup Raccoon now offers users a variety of interactive programs to manage their back pain, such as posture correction and pain relief.