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Latest news about Ukrainian IT ecosystem in the time of war

Latest news 06:2022

Investment trends: where should startups look for money?

It is worth noting that Ukraine’s investment climate improved due to the sustainable and stable development of the agricultural and IT industries. The present situation differs radically from the recent past. However, the business continues to exist and receive investments. So how should startups attract funding? What trends have emerged in this area? – read

Esper Bionics launches an era of tech-enabled human evolution.

People can eliminate diseases, get extra abilities, and live longer, more fulfilling lives in a diverse and inclusive world with the help of technology. That’s what Dima Gazda, CEO of the human enhancement startup Esper Bionics, believes in. – read

Raccoon: pivoting from gaming to physiotherapy.

In 2021, Raccoon became an application for therapeutic fitness, focusing on digital physiotherapy, which freed the project from meticulous certification processes and significantly increased the market. Also, the startup abandoned the hardware component. In addition, the team, being well aware of the target audience for physical therapy, decided to focus on the most common problem: back pain. – read

USF continues to work to save and develop Ukraine’s startup ecosystem.

In these challenging times, Ukrainian Startup Fund calls on international partners to support Ukrainian startups and thus build the country’s economy. How the USF works now, whether the investment strategy has changed and what plans the Fund has in front of it – tells Pavlo Kartashov. – read How to deal with your data?

Ask yourself: how much time do you spend on tasks that are downright routine and not at all exciting? Data engineers spend the majority of their time collecting and sorting data, and that time could be better invested into more meaningful and valuable work. Quality data provides the basis for a business’s success, creating a need for data collection automation for many industries. Ukrainian startup came up with an innovative way of solving this pressing issue. So how effective is this innovation? – read

👉First aid supplies to Ukrainian defenders

First aid supplies for Ukraine.

From the first days of the Russo-Ukrainian war the Ucluster team has been sending First Aid Supplies to Ukraine. – read

Humanitarian aid supply to Ukraine. Trip №10.

Last week, Serhii Sokolenko from Ucluster volunteered again to purchase and transport humanitarian aid to the Polish border for Ukrainian defenders. – read