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Відправлення №49 Допомога Україні

Package #49

The Ucluster team has bought and sent the necessary medical supplies for a medevac (medical evacuation) on the Kherson route.

Package 48

Package # 48

Last week, the Ucluster team bought and sent Israeli bandages to our partners in Odesa and Kherson.

Help to Ukraine 47

Package # 47 and feedback

The war has been ongoing for almost two years, and our team continuously supports the Ukrainian military. In our 47th shipment, we sent an antenna for drone operators to Kherson.

Package 46

Package # 46

The Ucluster team bought and sent headphones and tourniquets to the military defending Ukraine in the Kherson region.

Package 45

Package # 45 

Our package is heading to Kherson, Ukraine. This time we bought medical supplies for the Ukrainian military.

Package #44

Package # 44 

The Ucluster team has sent equipment and medicine to the Ukrainian military, who are defending our country in Kherson.


Package # 43 and ComBat Vision

The Ucluster team bought and sent another drone and thermal imager to our beneficiaries. Ucluster also donated to the developers of the ComBat Vision fire control system.

Package #41: Kreminna

The Ucluster continues to support our military, who are defending Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity. We have sent the necessary items for our friends, the artillerymen in Kreminna.


Package # 40

The Ucluster team, in its 40th package, delivered the necessary items to Ukrainian soldiers in the Liman direction.

Package # 39

The Ucluster team has sent 100 Black Front Chest Seal Vented Dressing – an indispensable help on the battlefield.

Package 38 cover

Package # 38

The Ucluster team bought and sent a DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone to the defenders of Ukraine in Kurakhove, Maryinka district, Donetsk region.

Package #37

We bought two BLUETTI EB70: Portable Power Station and one DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone. We believe that victory is Ukraine’s and urge everyone to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Packages 34,35,36

Packages # 34, 35, 36

The Ucluster team sent the following to the defenders of Ukraine in the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk areas. Help for children in Hora.