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Time Value of Data: The Summit of Now and the Peak of Soon After

Time Value of Data

Recently Serhii Sokolenko visited a major global fashion retailer and gave an industry talk on Real-time AI. This company was hosting Tech Days and invited a few of their vendors, including Snowflake, to give a talk to thousands of their tech employees.

A few years back, Serhii began thinking about a topic that was just emerging. 

He started seeing more and more companies wanting to do more with the billions of events they collected and stored. They tried to react to them in real-time or near real-time. And they wanted to respond with almost human intelligence instead of just counting, aggregating, storing, and forgetting.

This led Serhii to name the three driving forces in the market at the time.

Read about Near-human Intelligence and two approaches to Real-time AI in Serhiis’ article.