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Latest news about Ukrainian startups in the time of war

News startups march 2


  • Military innovation: what is being created in IT? – read English translation
  • ComeBack Mobility: we want to keep the software team in Ukraine, even if hostilities drag on. – read English translation
  • GIOS: What does an educational startup do in war? – read English translation
  • Ukrainian Startup Fund: how does the largest promoter of Ukrainian startups work? – read English translation
  • Anonymous, or Surprises for racists. – read English translation
  • Bank of Memories: We believe that people need it, despite the challenges of war. – read English translation
  • Finmap: there were no failures in the work of our service and there should not be. – read English translation
  • Cybercrime, or How to Protect Yourself. – read English translation
  • Ucluster organized fundraising for the First Aid Medical Supplies for Ukraine’s Cities. We raise money for first aid supplies. – donate


  • List of IT companies that support or ignore Russia’s war against Ukraine. – read
  • Ukraine’s remarkable IT sector thrives a month after Russia’s invasion.  – read
  • Tech leaders with operations in Ukraine are mapping escape routes and paying workers to fight with the army: ‘our plan is winning this war’.  – read
  • Estonian startup support organizations are offering help for Ukraine. – read
  • FREE Ukraine Foundation and Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association have launched a program aiming to provide aid for startups and specialists that are a part of the Ukrainian startup community and whose innovative business needs help right now. – read
  • Current news about how Ukrainian startups and the IT ecosystem work during the war. – read
  • Grammarly ranks among the top 100 most influential companies according to TIME. – read
  • The developer Dmytro Krasnoukhov and Reface’s designer Marko Ivanyk have created the platform SirensToday. It shows the frequency of air-raid alarms in Ukraine in real-time. – read
  • Ukrainian Internet Army creates International Legion. How to join. – read
  • Firefly founder Max Polyakov donates $1M for Ukrainian relief. – read

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