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Latest news about Ukrainian startups in the time of war

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  • Bank of Memories: a Chance for Digital Immortality. – read
  • How to help Ukrainian refugees at the Medyka, Poland – Shehyni, Ukraine border crossing. – read
  • Ucluster organized fundraising for the First Aid Medical Supplies for Ukraine’s Cities. We raise money for first aid supplies. – donate


  • Ukraine’s wartime supply chain, essential to its defense. Roads and bridges are damaged, some routes are dangerous, and the movements of Russian troops and bombings mean that no corridor is guaranteed. – read
  • Hackers can win $100k for helping Ukraine bring down Russian websites. – read
  • Startups evacuate war zones in Ukraine, whilst men are banned from leaving the country. Many startup employees have chosen to stay and fight. – read
  • While the news in recent days has focused on the destructive events currently taking place, we highlight the creativity and ingenuity of Ukrainian innovators (A.D.A.M., Carbominer, B Lab Europe). – read
  • MacPaw CEO Oleksandr Kosovan went on CNN to have a candid talk about the defense of Kyiv and the choice of staying home in the face of war. – read
  • Stand with Ukraine and donate crypto to the fundraising account of the National Bank of Ukraine. The funds will be used for the support of humanitarian aid programs and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. – donate