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May startup news

This month we interviewed’s CEO where he talked about his career path, how their product works, and their plans and dreams. Learn about the five things every startup founder should know about marketing, and take a look at the map of Startups in Ukraine.


  • Finding that half of advertising spend that is not effective. bringing ad, sales, and usage data together. – read


  • Max Polyakov’s Firefly Aerospace raised nearly $200 million through a combination of new money and sale of equity by current investors– read
  • Five things early-stage SaaS startup founders should know about marketing. – read
  • Top Software Development Companies in Ukraine. – read
  • Some of the topics at “UkraineInvest Talks: Dnipro” included the progress of reforms in Ukraine and  the investment climate in Ukraine. – read
  • Top 12 medical and healthcare startups in Ukraine.– read
  • Map of Startups in Ukraine, by StartupBlink. Ukraine ranks 29 globally among 202 countries, based on the strength of its startup ecosystem. The cities with the most vibrant startup ecosystems in Ukraine are Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa. – read
  • The full list of the Ukrainian Startup Fund’s DemoDays
  • Top Internet of Things Companies in Ukraine.– read