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Everything for the people. Ademrius: A Software-as-a-Service solving problems of doctors and patients

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Volodymyr started working in IT when it was not yet mainstream, and when people used to associate  a Ukrainian IT pro with an overweight man with glasses and a low salary. Back then, IT was not a hot industry in Ukraine. “I just enjoyed working with technology. I became a CEO because I was ambitious and always wanted more. My initiative drove me to learn how to  lead a great team,” says Volodymyr Strogush, the CEO of Ademrius. “Information technology is about constant self-development. In order to make a product of high quality, you have to imagine using it yourself.”

СЕО & Founder Volodymyr Storogush

Founded in 2020 

Lviv, Ukraine

Website / LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram

White paper

A few years ago, Volodymyr was personally confronted with how difficult it was to get a doctor’s appointment quickly, efficiently and comfortably, and, after the visit, not to end up with a pile of medical documents that were easy to misplace. Having 13 years of IT experience, and continuing his studies at the elite Harvard Business School in the dual-degree MBA and MS program in engineering, he wanted to make a product that would change many people’s lives for the better.

In the photo: Volodymyr Oliynyk (Senior back-end developer), Andriy Svirin (Senior back-end developer), Volodymyr Strogush (CEO & Founder).

Having expertise in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, Volodymyr soon launched a CRM service for medical offices, which had an impact on the recent Ukrainian medical reform. Within a year Volodymyr and his team founded a new startup Ademrius to bring this product to the international market.

The Ademrius service is designed to solve the common issues of doctors and patients, starting from online appointments and telemedicine to the complete maintenance of the patient’s electronic medical record. The startup also plans to use artificial intelligence to generate recommendations for physicians and patients.

The team

The company’s head office is located in Lviv, Ukraine, and there are currently no plans to open offices in other countries, as Ademrius is developing a full-fledged SaaS that does not involve sales representatives and integrators. “Everything is effortless and intuitive. The system is so automated that the human factor is excluded, and only digital marketing is needed,” says Volodymyr Strohush. However, he also adds that when the time to enter a new market comes, the leadership team will move to another country for a couple of months to dive into the new market and connect with first customers.

Advantages of  the Ademrius CRM

The Ademrius Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform helps private healthcare facilities manage their services online and gain more patients.

The product offers   a perfect combination of features for small private clinics:

  • Setup of online appointments
  • Keeping an electronic history of each patient
  • Automatic reminders for future appointments
Appointment booking in Ademrius.

Besides, the platform has a telemedicine module for online consultations with doctors, as well as builder tools for physicians’ websites.

The service works so effectively that Volodymyr shared an unusual story. A doctor in a small clinic registered in the service and enabled online appointments for his clinic.   He forgot to  check his notifications and the next day  5 clients signed up for appointments, creating a physical queue in the waiting room, while the physician scrambled to help his new patients..


The startup conducted in-depth research of the world’s medical markets, first with a full-time business analyst, and then by contracting international experts with specialized expertise. Currently, the team is targeting Europe, Ukraine, USA and Canada. The first version of Ademrius has already been successfully launched in 12 countries and is available in 10 languages. For the next two years the startup is planning to execute on the roadmap that they published online ( see the roadmap white paper).