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Top news about the goals, plans, and successes of Ukrainian IT clusters for 02/2021

News 2/2021

Top news from the world of Ukrainian clusters. This month we focused on IT clusters and talked with the heads of the Ternopil IT Cluster, Kateryna Mihailidi and Serhii Kutuzov. We learned about the challenges of organizing the IT community in their city, their plans for the future, their achievements, and how startups founded in Ternopil rise to the top.


  • Ternopil IT Cluster: the goals and dreams of a small but rising cluster in Ukraine. Officially, the Cluster was created in 2017, although the informal association was founded over 10 years ago. Ten companies joined the Cluster initially. Since its founding, 5 more IT companies have been added to its roster. “At the moment, the startup culture here is lacking,” our guests admit. Startups appear periodically, but don’t have incubators or other startup infrastructure to rely on. –read (eng.)


  • Ukraine’s booming IT sector defies the coronavirus crisis. Current projections indicate that Ukrainian universities will be producing around 20,000 IT graduates annually by 2024. However, this figure is significantly lower than the anticipated industry requirement of 30,000 to 50,000 new IT pros per year. –read
  • Ukrainian annual IT exports exceeded $5 billion for the first time and showed an increase of 20.44% compared to 2019. Between  2016 and 2020, the total amount of exports of IT services exceeded $16 billion. –read