About Us


Our portal connects members of Ukrainian regional clusters – entrepreneurs, academic community, local government officials. It was created by Stanislav Sokolenko, the International Foundation for Market Assistance, and Sergei Sokolenko.

Clusters are communities of entrepreneurs who work closely with local authorities and universities in order to become more competitive and improve the economy of their regions.

The International Foundation for Market Assistance was founded in 1997 to promote the development of a market economy in Ukraine. Led by Stanislav Sokolenko, the director-general of JSC Ukrimpex and a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the Foundation conducts studies of newly-emerging regional clusters in Ukraine and assists their organizers.

The Foundation formed the Competitiveness Institute in 2002 to improve the economic conditions in Ukraine and compensate for the lack of a national strategy for combating the economic crisis. The Institute aids in development of national and regional competitiveness programs based on networked valued chains - clusters, strategic partnerships and alliances.

We strive to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs and remove the barriers for their communication and cooperation.