Over the past years the Foundation's representatives organized training seminars and presented at a large number of conferences in Ukraine and internationally.


2009/6/30, Kyiv
3rd Roundtable "Clusters - an effective economic development tool"
Competitiveness Council of Ukraine
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2009/05/31 - 06/03, Sevastopol
4th International Conference "Developing innovation clusters in transforming economies"
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2009/5/18-22, Crimea
14th Annual International Conference "Innovation Today"
Organized by Ministry of Economy, Autonomous Republic of Crimea
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2009/05/14, Kyiv
Regional construction clusters - an effective collaboration of local governments, entrepreneurs and society.
Committee of Construction Goods Manufacturers, Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine
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2009/4/16-17, Kazan, Russia
International Forum "Role of CIS Chambers of Commerce in Promoting Innovation"
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Conclusions -

2009/3/26, Simferopol, Crimea
Conference "Realizing Crimea’s potential through clusters"
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2009/2/12, Kharkiv
Seminar "Regional development through cluster formation – lessons learned"
Organized by the State Agency for Investment and Innovation of Ukraine, North-East Center for Innovation Development
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2009/1/23, Cherkasy
Seminar "Role of clusters in community development"
Organized by IFMA, Cherkasy Oblast State Administration, Tourism Department of Smila Rayon State Administration, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
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2008/11/12, Kyiv
4th National Forum "Regional Competitiveness Strategy in a Globalized World: Ukrainian and International Experience"
Canadian-Ukrainian Project "Regional Governance and Development"
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2008/11/05, Kyiv
Roundtable "Dealing with the economic crisis"
Organized by the Kyiv City Chamber of Commerce
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2008/10/22, Odesa
Roundtable "Introduction of clusters in Odesa"
Organized by Odesa Employer Association and Odesa Oblast Council
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2008/10/1-2, Kharkiv
Seminar "Managing businesses in crisis conditions"
Organized by Department of Industry, Transport and Communications, Kharkiv Oblast State Administration
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2008/7/29, Melitopol
Seminar "Honey Products Clusters"
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2008/7/11, Poltava
Roundtable - Innovation clusters help improving competitiveness
Organized by Poltava Oblast Government
Sokolenko Presentation -

2008/6/26-27, Lviv
International Conference "Clusters and Competitiveness of Border Regions"
Organized by Institute for Regional Studies and State Agency for Regional Development and European Integration
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Coverage -
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2008/6/11-13, Ternopil
International Conference "Building a new Europe: Construction Clusters and Regional Development in Preparation for Euro-2012"
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2008/5/12-16, Alushta, Crimea
13th Annual International Conference "Innovation Today"
Organized by Ministry of Economy, Autonomous Republic of Crimea
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Announcement -
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2008/4/16-17, Sevastopol, Crimea
3rd International Conference "Improving competitiveness through cluster-based production models"
Sokolenko Presentation -

2008/4/4, Khmelnytskyi
7th Podillya Regional Economic Forum
Organized by Khmelnytskyi Oblast State Administration, Khmelnytskyi Oblast Council, Khmelnytskyi City Council, Podillya Pershii Association and Khmelnytskyi National University
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2008/3/27, Kyiv
Conference "Jump-starting innovation in Ukraine"
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2008/3/25 - Cherkasy
Seminar "Forming innovation clusters to improve regional competitiveness"

2008/2/25, Kirovograd
Conference "Improving Competitiveness through cluster-based production models"
Organized by IFMA and the Kirovograd Chamber of Commerce
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2008/1/22, Moscow, Russia
Competitiveness and innovation clusters
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2007/11/5, Donetsk
National Conference "Theory and Practice of Innovation Strategies for Ukrainian regions"
Presentation -

2007/4/25-26, Sevastopol
2nd National Conference "Developing a Market Economy based on industrial clusters"
Organized by Chambers of Commerce of Ukraine and Sevastopol, and IFMA
Coverage -

2007/04/24, Crimea
Conference "Innovation Today. Cluster-based development of Crimea."
Organized by Ministry of Economy of Crimea and Crimea Chamber of Commerce
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2004/10/25, Kyiv
National Conference "Regional Development Programs For Small Businesses"
Organized by State Committee of Ukraine for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship, and Kyiv City State Administration
Announcement -

2004/4/27, Lugansk
Regional Forum "Introduction of new production systems"
Organized by Lugansk Oblast State Administration
Announcement -

2004/3/27-28, Ivano-Frankivsk
Forum "Increasing Competitiveness in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast"
Organized by the Department of Internal Policy, Oblast State Administration
Announcement -

2004/1/12, Ivano-Frankivsk
Forum "New production systems - Improving Competitiveness in Ivano-Frankivsk"
Organized by IFMA and the Department of Internal Policy, Oblast State Administration
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2003/11/26, Moscow, Russia
Forum on Social Aspects and Financing of Industrial Restructuring
Hosted by the Academy of National Economy, Government of Russian Federation
Presentation -

2003/2/27, Moscow, Russia
Conference "Economic Cooperation of CIS member states"
Organized by the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States
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Agenda -


2002/3/26-28, Budapest, Hungary
Building Competitive Advantage in Nations: Increasing Transparency, Combating Corruption and Improving Corporate Governance
Hosted by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
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2002/2/12-13, Geneva, Switzerland
Roundtable on Industrial Restructuring in European Transition Economies: Experience To-Date and Prospects
UN Economic Commission for Europe
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2001/11/16, Kyiv
International Economic Forum "New Production Systems and Regional Development"
Announcement and Notes -


1998/12/9, Kyiv
3rd Roundtable "Security and Economic Transformation"
Organized by the National Institute of Strategic Studies
Presentation -


1997/6/1, Bratislava, Slovakia
Seventh B.I.O. International Conference. Danube River Bonds
Organized by Biopolitics International Organization
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