Enabling intra-cluster collaboration is the main responsibility of cluster managers

A recent study of managers and members of European clusters conducted by the CEE-ClusterNetwork, an association of Central and Eastern-European clusters, found that the main responsibilities of cluster managers are enabling the collaboration of cluster participants, search for new participants, development of strategic plans, event planning and management, and marketing and representation of their organisations.[…]

Construction goods manufacturers meet to discuss clusters

Background information prepared by Stanislav Sokolenko for the first meeting of entrepreneurs from the Ukrainian Union of Construction Goods Manufacturers. The meeting’s topic was “Regional construction clusters as an effective means of cooperation of governments, entrepreneurs, scientists and society”. Learn more here

Closing the Ukrainian innovation gap

Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland are innovation leaders according to the 2008 Summary Innovation Index for EU27 countries, while Turkey, Bulgaria, and Latvia lag in innovation. See UNECE Ukraine was not part of this study, however, Anatoli Poruchnik and Irina Brykova (Kyiv National Economic University) published a study in 2006 where they calculated the innovation index[…]

Saudi Arabia reduces dependence on natural resource revenues through clustering

Today, manufacturing contributes only 10% to Saudi Arabia’s GDP. To reduce its dependence on oil production and to increase the share of manufacturing to 20%, Saudi Arabia initiated a national program of cluster development in five priority areas: car manufacturing, metals processing, packaging, consumer goods and construction materials. A National Center For Competitiveness was founded[…]